Tuesday, July 10, 2007

BLOG - Finally

I am finally getting to things and have been working endlessly on trying to get this blog up and going. I am still trying to decide on my blogger title. Not sure if it's fitting for me and my group. Don't worry, I will keep you posted. I will be out most of July. Unfortunately there will be no new catalog open houses until August. I promise I will keep everyone up to date on my class schedules and will send an evite for the Open House. I will also be offering great specials if you come. So stay tuned you definitely will not want to miss out.

As for July. While I am away, I will be offering email specials on certain days. This will also include discount specials at certain time frames. Since the new catalog has not been offically placed in your hands, you can sneak peak at it by clicking on the links section of this block. You will definitely want to get your hands on this catalog.

How do you get a copy you ask. Well, you can call me or email, and I will share with you on the details on how to get one. I have been a demonstrator for over four years and this copy is my sixth copy. I assure you it is the BEST EVER! I am so excited. I have made room for an entire collection of new stamp pads, paper, oh my gosh the designer paper, more accessories and more stuff. I am going to have to move my hubby out of the family room upstairs and move me and my stamp collection up there.

Please continue to stay tuned to this blog, as I will be posting new techniques, card samples and/or project samples, class schedules (of course), and much more. I would love to hear from you.

Hugs & Happy Stampin'